Tuesday, February 15, 2011

in a funk

I'm in a bit of a funk today. You know those days where you are irritable and feel sorry for yourself – even when you know you shouldn't. Well, that is me today. One might expect this type of behavior after a terrible Valentine's Day but I for one had a great day – smooth work day, great dinner, red roses waiting for me when I got home….the whole enchilada. I should be on cloud nine (and strange enough I am in some ways).

The thing is, I can't stop fixating on what is upsetting me so this blog post is my attempt to clear my mind and remind myself of what makes me happy. Please note that this list could go on and on but these are just a few things that come to mind:

my sweet lilly bug
white tullips - love them
the beach - the salty air, the sand, and the people you ride your bikes there with
nike of samothrace! my favorite sculpture in the whole world and my one true art obssession. if i had it my way i would be proposed to at the foot of this winged victory (and yes, it's in the Louvre).
white subway tile....enough said.

christian louboutins - every females dream!

red wine! oh how it soothes the soul!

Friday, February 11, 2011

wide open spaces

Today I am inspired by chic open spaces - spaces that capitalize on natural light, high ceilings, and minimalism. These spaces are simple, clean, organic, and rustic. They leave me with a sense of peace and remind me that life is vaster than we can comprehend.

As many of you know, my dream home is traditional from the outside but contemporary in interior finishes. The images you see below are ideal spaces for how I could envision myself living. Although it might not be the most practical – it is the simplicity that I desire. To come home to a space like this would remind one that life doesn't have to be chaotic.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

how sweet it is

Do you ever have those days where you wonder if you could be successful in another career? Days where you are so drained by what you do for a living (even though you are normally killing it) that you consider your success as a teacher, architect, engineer, or perhaps a designer? Well, I think I am there at this particular moment in my Tuesday.

I find myself wondering how I will eventually decorate each room in my family home (years and years and years from now). I would normally feel weird admitting this but I also know that this is a normal retreat for any female that is maternal by nature. Therefore, I have set off to find different rooms or particular accents which I have yet to take on myself.

With that said, here are some of my favorite baby rooms. Nurseries are slightly intimidating to me because you can achieve success with so many different looks. I supposed this is no different than anything else but I guess the uncharted territory makes it difficult due to the endless options – chic, vintage, classic, modern. Plus….I'm not going to lie, this post is slightly inspired by those of you who blog about your perfect babies (Brynn and Haley)!

I adore the ceiling stripes, wall made into a display bookcase, and vintage ottoman!
This is another view of the same room

This pretty pretty princess room is all girl. Some might find it over the top but due to the light pink and white color scheme it is very clean. Plus how can you not love the flur rug!!!

I love the subtle elegance and class in this room. The simple color palette makes the room clean and crisp yet youthful!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a warm escape

It seems like these days I am apologizing more and more for my lack of blogging. I'm not sure what it is about 2011 but so far I've been busier than ever! I am desperately ready for things to slow down or perhaps a tropical vacation.

Since I find myself in New York this week for work meetings and functions it is completely understandable that all I can think about it being warm. Of course this in itself is hilarious since I am a self-proclaimed winter lover – cold, snow, ice, rain, you name it. However, New York has welcomed me with an overwhelming chill factor that words cannot describe. Perhaps the solution would be gaining 20 lbs to keep me warm or in my current case – wearing so many layers that I look like I've gained 20 lbs.

So with the culmination of going non-stop and being in the cold I think I am ready to plan a vacation. I'm thinking somewhere warm and tropical – somewhere like the pictures below! How inspiring!


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