Thursday, March 24, 2011

closet makeover

Right now I have a total itch to organize my closet. Being the OCD person that I am, I just absolutely love organizing just about anything. As a random side note, Real Simple this month is all about spring cleaning and I can hardly wait to begin!

Anyways, back to my closet. for the most part my closet is very orderly. However, I would really like to take some time to uniform all my hangers and perfect the overall neatness of the space. Therefore, this weekend I am buying the Real Simple Slimline Hangers and going to work. I am hoping that these hangers will provide a little extra space since right now I can barely squeeze any additional hangers in my closet. Plus, this should give me a chance to get rid of even more clothes which I am in desperate need of doing!

Stay tuned for before and after pictures, but in the meantime check out these super simple sleek closets!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

green grass press many of you know, I love sending snail mail! To me there is nothing better than getting a letter in the mail from a friend or loved one!

A few years back I made a New Year's Resolution to send a letter a week to a friend or family member. This was an incredible goal and carried on for about 2 years. While I had a little bit of a slow period I am now back in action with my letters.

As part of this I am always on the hunt for cute cards and stationary. I found this adorable shop on Etsy called Green Grass Press and immediately ordered a bunch of cards. Below are some of my favorites which I now own and which some of you may find in your mailbox soon!

P.S. - my pushpins still have not arrived and it's making me a little antsy! stay tuned for an update on their arrival!

tantalizing teal

I just adore the color teal! It is one of those colors that looks fab with everything and can be applied to just about any outfit and every room. I personally prefer pops of teal but absolutely love these rooms that are centered around the color.....not to mention the accent pieces which I wouldn't mind as well!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

recycled relics

Continuing on with my Etsy obsession I wanted to post about one of my personal favorite purchases. Although Recycled Relics has an abundant of items in their store I am most intrigued by their prints with reclaimed frames.

Not only are these prints to die for but they actually come with weathered-reclaimed barn wood frames that add so much character to any space. Although I am not sure of their original function, each one of the prints has a vintage feel to it like it was taken from an old manuscript or calendar. I love these so much that the below images show the four relics that I have in my own home.

While they have an array of themes and subjects I am naturally drawn to all the nautical and sea life prints. Here are a few others that were definite contenders!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

on the wall

Who doesn't love a good wall collage? A tastefully done wall collage that is! I love that it is an opportunity to display an array of different items that directly reflects your personality, style, family, etc. are a few of my favorites!

Monday, March 7, 2011

icy rooms

While I love sunny Orange County….I simply can't resist an overcast day and a chance to wear a chic fur vest. The random days of rain and clouds remind me of my happy times in Dallas and bring a simple smile to my face.

This day of grey and white clouds has inspired me to post pictures of some fabulous icy rooms. These spaces are sleek, chic, and leave so much to be desired. I absolutely adore a monochromatic space and am tickled by these rooms!

Friday, March 4, 2011

posh push pins

Recently I have been dying to get my hands on the Pinwheel Push Pins from Anthropologie! However, the rest of Orance County must feel the same way I do since they are impossible to find in any of the stores.

So....just as I was about to order them online I decide to take a looksy at what Etsy might have to offer in this category, and WOW was I surpirsed. There were hundreds of search results filled with the most adorable and creative tacking options decorated with vintage fabrics, antique buttons, pearls, rhinestones, and well the list goes on and on!

After spending about an hour searching (some might argue I have no life) I finally settled on the pins below. One set is for work and one is for home and I am just dying to receive them from Paper Pumpkin!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

totally twins

So a while back I posted about creative bunking! Well today I saw the most adorable idea for twin bedding that I could not resist posting about. It is such a creative idea for little ones whether they are sharing a room, are at grandmas house, or just wanting an extra bed for slumber parties! Enjoy......

p.s. - yes this is my 3rd blog post today!

the pink palace

New goal - each week I am going to post about a new Etsy shop! We all know that I am Etsy-obsessed so this new goal (I know I'm not good at sticking to my goals lately) totally fits the bill! Not only do I love Etsy because everything is tailored to you - the customer, but more importantly because I feel like I am supporting someone who is doing what they are passionate about....and who can beat that!

This week I find myself drooling over The Pink Palace and her vintage chenille baby/child quilts. These precious quilts are absoultely stunning on the eye and would be the perfect inspiration piece for any baby/child bedroom. It is moments like these where I suddenly wish I was an interior decorator and could spend the afternoon smirking over a room centered around one of these quilts!

exposed ceilings

One of the things I appreciate most in design are raw and organic elements. I find joy in unfinished hardwood floors, brick walls, concrete countertops, and most relevant to this blog ceilings.

Although most exposed ceilings are intentional, I like to believe that the origin of this thought process was not. Most raw elements are grouped with particular design styles whether it be rustic, contemporary, or traditional. However, I love that these ceilings are somthing that can be adapted to any style of choice!


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